Miami Township   -     Tuesday Five November 2013   -     General Election

Pro-life   --   Pro Second Amendment   --   Limited Government   --   Lower Taxes

I am Michael Collins and I welcome you to my Campaign for Miami Township Trustee Website. I have been a resident of Miami Township for over 30 years. Up to the past few years I was a Senior Field Service Engineer and Instrument Specialist for a Scientific Instrumentation Manufacture. I traveled extensively, approaching 200 nights annually, both domestic and internationally. Frequently I dealt with government agencies at the federal, state, county and local level, as well as departments and agencies of foreign governments. I know the protocol, paperwork and red tape of dealing with government. I voluntarily left the above position due to some personal family matters, which required that I not be away from home for extended periods. Thus, for the past few years, I have been able to study issues of the township and the governance of such. Below are issues and matters that will assist to inform the voting public of township matters and my position regarding such. Please take the time to review such, as I believe it will assist every voting citizen in understanding my candidacy. I ask for you vote for the below reasons and thank you for such. I will always perform in the best interest of the residents of Miami Township and will always make myself available to all residents.

The Issue of Ethics -  The Issue of Appointment -  The Issue of Experience

The Issue of Ethics

In 2005, I was a non-incumbent candidate for township trustee. I attended a township association meeting in the fall of 2005 and was asked by a township employee if I was going to run for trustee and I replied YES.. In the same breathe I was then asked who I would be running against (all three seats were on the ballot). I replied the two expiring seats. Approximately three days later I was charged with an offense I did NOT do, by the Township Police Department. The Community Press carried a six paragraphs negative article about me and the charged offense without interviewing me for the article. In open Court, the Judge assigned to hear the case commented that I should have never been charged with the offense. I was not successful in the 2005 election bid. In 2007 another non-incumbent candidate ran against Trustee Ken Tracy and this non-incumbent candidate was charged with an offense circa the election campaign period. He was written up in a negative article in the Community Press. He was not successful in his election bid. In 2008 a Batavia Township trustee, ran in the Primary Election for the County Commissioner Seat against Ed Humphrey, the senior MIAMI TOWNSHIP Trustee. The Batavia Township trustee was charged with an offense circa the campaign period and written up negatively in the Community Press and he was unsuccessful in his election bid. At the same time another candidate was in the same violation and never charged.

The Issue of Appointment

A township trustee is an elected official. Interestingly enough initially the last three trustees have come to office via appointment --- which is a process where the two sitting trustees select the third trustee seat. In 2005 when Trustee Uecker left for the State (Ohio) House of Representatives, I submitted my application and resume for the appointment process. Ken Tracy was the successful appointee - despite Jean Schmidt was also one of the appointee candidates - clearly the most qualified candidate, having been a township trustee for some 11 years.. It is surely the time to ELECT a trustee to the township that has a voice other than the incumbent trustees.

The Issue of Experience

The qualifications for a township trustee are: resident of the township and registered voter. No one is born a trustee at birth. Every elected official will start without the "experience of the office". By employing qualified people this is the avenue to becoming a succesful trustee.


The township BUDGET is a forecast of what the township predicts to spend in a given year. The actual spending is found in the FUND BALANCE SHEET, which is more like the check book of the township, showing income (deposits) from tax levies and grants and the like and expenses, such as salaries, fuel for township vehicles, salt for winter road treatment and the like. These two documents can differ greatly. In 2008 the township budget was projected at $31,805,859.56. The revenue that year was $23,309,860.64 but the actual expenses that year were (only)$21,148,479.14. Interestingly enough the township carried over $11,111,215.68 unencumbered balance into 2009. Your taxes dollars at work….!!!!

All Funds Carryover
2005 $6,578,843
2006 $6,507,195
2007 $6,951,471
2008 $11,111,215
2009 $12,469,449
2010 $12,323,390
2011 $16,587,721
2012 $18,257,422
2013 $23,476,716 (partial)

Click below to see the Township FUND BALANCE SHEETS.
2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013(partial)  


The issue of priorities is very dear to me. During 2004 and 2005 when I regularly attended the Miami Township Trustees’ Meetings - I ask myself why are Township Recreation Instructors at a pay rate of $15.00 per hour* and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) personnel at rates of $11.22**, $11.99** and $12.89** per hour? I value a quality recreation and parks system, but not at the expense of EMS. Priorities must be considered.
  • Source: Minutes-Trustees’ Meetings: 3-15-05, 4-19-05, 5-17-05, 6-21-05
  • **Source: Miami Township Website-Employment Opportunities 8/29/05 and Minutes-Trustees” Meetings: 2-01-05 and 6-07-05

10% Off Candidate

I have spoken at some length about monetary issues. Thus let me cast the first stone. If elected as a trustee, I will have ten percent of my annual trustee salary remain in the Township Treasury and be earmarked for EMS.

Spending of your Tax Dollars

Who is the largest employer in the Township? Could the Township Government qualify for the top of the list? In reviewing the Green Township (Hamilton County) Newsletter, a township much larger than Miami Township, I ask myself WHY does Miami Township have a much larger Police Department than Green Township-a much larger OHIO Township?

Revitalization of Business State Route 28

Since the Route 28 By-Pass has been constructed, the original section of State Route 28 between I-275 and Wolfpen has experienced some decline. As a Trustee, I will devote sincere attention to the revitalization to this area every week until that area prospers again.


The Township certainly has experienced growing pains. As a result of such, we see vehicular traffic congestion, issues with sewer and water, Township services coverage issues and the like. These all need to be addressed. And as a Trustee, I will address past and present issues. However my approach will also be to deal with the future by putting the horse back in front of the cart. Before we see problems from growth in residential and commercial development, I will see that we step back and look to the future and study the impact of such on the existing infrastructure and plan in order to avoid these future issues.
When properly zoned, I support the growth of small business. As a FAA commercially rated helicopter pilot and owner of two helicopters, I plan on opening a small helicopter aviation part-time weekend business in the near future. If elected as a Miami Township Trustee in November 2013, I pledge to the Township that I will donate one hour of flight time monthly of my Company’s aircraft and volunteer my services as commercial pilot in command to such. This time may be used for aerial survey by the Community Development Department of the Township or the Fire Department for aerial video taping of a training exercise. Time may not be used to transport township employees to business meetings within the State and items of that nature. Initially for each month of delay that I have not opened the business, I will reimburse the township at a rate of $100.00/hour (operating costs) for each hour I fail to deliver. The only condition I place on this pledge would be that if I fail to pass my annual FAA medical for health reasons beyond my control and lose my medical certificate (required to fly) - I would need to rescind this pledge.

"YOUR" Trustee

The residents own this township and it exists for them. As your trustee, I want to be the voice of the people and listen to the concerns of the township residents. I desire to see a local government that is: by the people, of the people and for the people….

A Non-Partisan Race

The trustee election is by definition of the Board of Elections, a non-partisan race. As your trustee - I will serve all the residents in the township.

Local Interest Only

My interests are local only. I have no plans or agendas - past, present or future to pursue a county, state or federal office.

Who oversees the township trustees?

Since I have started my campaign, I have been asked this question many times. The answer is NO ONE. Trustees are elected by the voting public of the township and serve four years terms.

Current Township

I spoke of the BUDGET earlier in this website and while the BUDGET is a “projection” as discussed earlier, the  Township FUND BALANCE SHEET is the tell-tale document.  In the Milford-Miami Advertiser, 22 July 2009, it was reported that Miami Township had launched a new website.  In the article Tim Pennington, Township Community Relations Director commented:  “We have 15 years of searchable minutes, four years of resolutions and our current and past budgets - if you can’t find (it), it doesn’t exist”.  On Five October 2009 I typed in Budget and several years of budgets came up.  I then typed in Fund Balance Sheet in the SEARCH Box and one item came up, a scholarship FUND.  So according to Tim Pennington, the Fund Balance Sheet does not exist but I obtained it from the Township Offices and it appears near the top of this website under BUDGET. Another interesting item reported in the Milford-Miami Advertiser on 26 August 2009 was that Tim Pennington’s Community Relations Director Position, at an annual salary of $55,000.00, was abolished - as was the Community Resource Director Cindy Huxel at an annual salary of $54,000.00.  The article went on to say: “(they) will be placed on administrative leave Aug 26 through Oct 2 to allow them to stay on the payroll in case they need to be consulted during the transition…”  Be interesting if after the election and if the incumbents make it back in - if these positions are restored…

How do you vote…???

It is unfortunate that in the 2008 presidential election that some 125 million people voted and of that 75 million folks voted uninformed or under informed.  But in today’s economy, both mom and pop need to be bread winners.  And when the day and week are over — little time is available to research issues and candidates.  So on election day voters commonly walk into the polling location and look at the ballot and “recognize” a name because such name was on a huge political sign while they sat in traffic.  A couple issues here — that sign may well have been the result of an incumbent candidate directing township vehicles to fuel at a given gas station — which most likely is located on a major intersection corner. And come campaign time — it is easy for the incumbent to approach the gas station owner and ask to place the huge campaign signs on such property. And that traffic jam may well have been created by the incumbent candidate behind the sign. Does the sign give a website to review the candidates qualifications and accomplishments — probably not, it just says RE-ELECT Jane or John Doe TRUSTEE. Of the two incumbent candidate — the senior trustee does not have a website listed on her campaign signs.  To vote off name recognition is to vote un-informed. I am more likely to not vote for a name I only recognize, however I routinely request an absentee ballot, research the candidates and issues and vote informed as possible.

Your local vote…

From this material, it appears that your local vote is a very important vote.  US Senators and Presidents have little if any contact at the township level.  The above certainly demonstrates how important it is to select the correct people to oversee the local township government. I have posted this website as I feel it is important for the voters of the township to know their candidate’s positions — over simply a campaign yard sign that re-enforces a candidate’s name and possible website. Thus with viewing this material, should you feel this type of direction is needed — then I am your trustee and ask for your vote on November 5th.   And for your vote, I thank you and pledge to listen to the voice of the township and serve the citizens of Miami Township well…


For approximately 15 years as a former Senior Field Service Engineer and Instrument Specialist of a Scientific Instrumentation Manufacture of a major corporation, I had frequent dealings with federal, state , county and local governments, as well as departments of foreign governments.  I am familiar with such government operations.  As a Senior Field Service Engineer, I was responsible for a six figure budget as well as generation of revenue to support such budget.  Generation of funds for the budget and maintaining a balanced budget was one of my many strengths.  I believe one of my strongest areas to be communication  and rappore with the customer and in this case such are the residents of this township.  I look forward to being “your” trustee.

Michael Collins

30+ years resident Miami Township
Married 30 years - Jeannie - Elementary School Teacher
Graduate - University of Cincinnati - Bachelor’s Degree - College of Arts and Sciences
US Army Veteran - Vietnam Era
Member - Trinity United Methodist Church
Member - VFW Post 6562 Post Adjutant Officer 2005-2009 and Post Trustee 2006-2009
FAA commercially-rated helicopter pilot
FAA - licensed aviation mechanic - both airframe and powerplant endorsements
FAA - licensed IA (Inspection Authorization)
Member - Greater Cincinnati Airmen’s Club
Member - Ohio Aviation Technicians’ Society (OATS) Current Vice President
Presenter - FAA OATS October 2009 IA license renewal seminar 25% of 8 hours program
Member - International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) Ring 71 Historian
Member - Society of American Magicians
Membership in both magic organizations is via invitation
Volunteer time to perform magic for youth and senior groups for their enjoyment
Recording Secretary - O'bannon Creek Aerodome Property Owners Association 2013

Often a candidate’s website will contain an area for donations to such candidate’s campaign. Mine does not. I am financing my campaign as not be in anyone’s pocket. If you desire to volunteer time to campaign for me and/or like to display my campaign yard sign - please contact me

Michael Collins 5811 Monassas Run Drive, Milford, OHIO 45150-2124

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